Club Runs Guide

We operate a 4 pace group system which is adapted depending on numbers attending. Group 1 (7-8 min/mile) and group 2 (8-9 min/mile) tend to run together with faster runners going ahead before looping back. Group 3 is 10-12 min/mile. Group 4 is our Couch to 5K group. It is often hilly and muddy so paces do tend to be quite a bit slower.

Run Leaders and Routes Schedule

We have our upcoming runs schedule on our Google Drive. This is best viewed on a larger device or desktop PC. The route published usually has a long route (group 1/2) and a short route (group 3/4) route. Although group leaders of groups 3 or 4 may opt for an easier run down the Flete Drives.

We need runners of all paces to help lead groups. Please add your name to dates you would be willing to lead, you will need to email Andy to get a link to allow you to edit. The absence of a name doesn’t indicate that no-one is running at that pace as often people just turn up, and we rely mostly on people just turning up as we will always make sure everyone has someone to run with. Please also email us your phone number so we can add you to the WhatsApp group as there is often last minute organisation of runs done on this group and also chat about events.

Looping Back

Even within pace groups there can be a broad difference in paces so we operate ‘looping back’. When reaching the end of a track, a gate or particularly the top of a hill, turn and run back past the last runner about 20 m before turning again to bring the group back together. This is important as it supports runners of different paces within the group as runners can go at their own pace and not feel rushed to keep up with faster runners, and faster runners get a little extra distance as well as being about to put in a burst up a hill or along a straight. Just be aware not to lose runners behind you by passing junctions.

Please do try different pace groups as you may find one group provides a faster pace which is good for a challenge some of the time, but then a slower group may be safer to avoid injury and running slower will also support other runners, but please do loop back.

Lastly, it can sometime be sociable to have a jog at the back, a chat, and some well needed easy miles. It is worth bearing in mind that 80% of your running should be easy miles, and 20% where you push yourself, not the other way round.