Dress for the weather, be bright and wear good footwear.

We ask all runners to wear fluorescent clothing when it’s dark. A head torch of 200+ lumens is recommended, possibly with a rear red light also.

Road shoes with a good tread are fine for the Holbeton lanes and Flete drives, but off-road shoes or trail shoes are recommended for winter bridleway and footpath runs. We recommend Run Venture at Tavistock for expert fitting of trail shoes.

Wednesday nights through the winter are head torch runs and so groups must stay together. When running on the roads a rear red light is recommended also.

We are a fun social group – no runner left behind. There are 4 pace groups. Group 2 do the long route, group 1 do possibly more. Group 3 jog the short route and group 4 walk/run the short route.

Warn runners behind of hazards: uneven ground, obstacles, slippy surfaces, deep puddles!

We start each run with a dynamic warm-up: high knees, heel flicks, side steps, crossover, lunges with a twist and dynamic calf stretch (feed the chickens).

It is imperative to stretch at the end also; 5-10 minutes stretching calfs, quads, hamstrings, adductors and hip flexors. The group leader will be able to take you through these at the finish.